Data Retrieval Scam

Athens, Georgia 2 comments
Not resolved

What started out as a simple transaction quickly turned into a major scam quickly.I just wanted to retrieve some important data from a dead hard drive.

After a little research I contacted partly because they had a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They informed me that it would cost $99 to rush the job, which I agreed to pay. After the intial eval they determined that it was a mechanical failure and needed lab work which costed another $399, which I also paid.

Too make a long story short, I ended up paying $2875, and after 2 months all I received was a fedex shipmnent that contained a dead hard drive.I am fighting the charges through my credit card to my money refunded, hopefully.

Review about: Data Recovery Fee.



I am going to take them to court. The amount is too much money to just walk away. I can only imagine how many people they have stolen money from with this scam.


Why you not go to court ?

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